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Tire Balancing


Tire Balancing

Good Deal Tire’s talented and professional technicians and mechanics ensure that your tires are installed and balanced with precision equipment to ensure the longevity of your tires. The life span of your tires may be prolonged as long as there are no other problems with the vehicle, such as: alignment, ball joints, tie-rods and control arm bushings.

Spin Balancing

Using special equipment to analyze the tires and wheels and find any heavy spots that could cause them to vibrate when spinning. One at a time, the tire and wheel assemblies are placed on the balancing machine and run through a series of diagnostic tests.

The machine identifies where the tire and wheel assembly is out of balance, and then the technician corrects any imbalances by applying small weights to the rim at specific locations, in order to even out the distribution of weight.

Road Force Balancing

While spin balancing spins the tire assembly in the air to find imbalances, a Road Force balancer stimulates the force of the road on a tire by pressing a large roller against the tire as it spins.

Then the machine measures the deviation from perfect roundness so the technician can balance the tire. Road Force balancing may be able to detect tire issues not found by spin balancing.